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Running overtime on assessments.......

Question asked by Arthur VanDeventer on May 25, 2019
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It appears that if the timer is set on a quiz or test that the assessment simply quits.

I am not finding a way to set the timer to make it the student's responsibility to finish within a time limit.

Previously, I would see that a student had run overtime and penalize for running overtime.

I really don't want to leave quizzes/tests untimed.................simply not congruent with what would happen in a F2F class.

YET, at the same time, I anticipate students blaming the application (and the variety of other reasons) for their incomplete assessments.  AND asking for a reset after they have already seen the assessment.  

We don't allow a student to look at a test for half an hour in the F2F classroom, then exit the classroom and come back another time to complete the same assessment.

Perhaps I am missing seeing an option (other than the "extra time" for everyone option).