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Two identical student surveys, one does not have analytics because it was changed. is there a workaround?

Question asked by Michael Salmons on May 24, 2019
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I am helping faculty with two very similar courses.They have similar module structure. They have virtually identical student surveys. Both have plenty of valid responses. And yet, under Survey Statistics, one has analytics data, the other does not. For the problem course, the summary page says "There are no question statistics available." There are 22 student responses, all of which have answers marked.


The one difference between the two is apparently the teacher changed the survey after respondents submitted answers.


The quiz has changed significantly since this submission was made. This submission may need re-grading.

 The following questions need review:
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The faculty rely on the summary analytics for quality control and reporting, so I am looking for a workaround. I can come up with totals and percentages in Excel. I was just checking to see if there is still a way to get statistics using Canvas or if changing it basically broke reporting.