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How to extract a download file-id for a selected submission using the API

Question asked by Mikael Fridenfalk on May 27, 2019
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By the Python canvasapi and the command todo_items = canvas.get_todo_items(), I am in some initial experiments able to find the web address of each ToDo speedgrading page, thus covering all student submissions that need to be graded. When such a page is opened, I only need to click on a file download symbol to download the selected student submission file. 


But how is this link (for download itself) obtained, if I wish to automate the whole process (and not to use for instance a web driver to click on this link)? The link I am looking for should have the format:



Where [...] is the web domain and #1 to #3 known integers (by extraction of information from todo_items). In other words, what I am looking for is the integer #4, which is some kind of a download id that I cannot find any specification for how to extract, not even when I analyze the source code of each speedgrader page. However, when I insert the link above, download of the selected file is automatically invoked.


Is it possible to extract this integer?