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Identifying Canvas Plagiarism Framework TurnitIn Assignments

Question asked by Edmond Cheng on May 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by Andrea G Schmidt



We have both the TurnitIn LTI integration and the new Canvas Plagiarism Framework in place for our institution. I'm trying to identify all assignments in our institution that are using the Canvas Plagiarism Framework vs the LTI integration.


So far I've been successful in pulling a report via the Canvas API containing the following fields for all our assignments:







I can tell which assignments are using the old integration because they are tagged with submission_type = [External Tool] and I can see the URL in the external_tool_tag_attributes.


However, the "turnitin_enabled" field is blank for ALL our our assignments, I suspect this may be referring the old API integration that we have turned off now. It seems like the data returned by the Assignments API does not contain a flag in the response to signify that CPF has been enabled. Can anyone think of another way I can get this report out of Canvas?