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Redirect Tool & BluePrints

Question asked by Kristen Allen on May 28, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2019 by Kristen Allen

Is it possible to use the Redirect Tool in courses with a BluePrint applied? 


This is our use case: We have custom pages that we would like each instructor to use in their course. These pages will have their instructor information, course schedule, etc. so the pages will be unique to each course. We would like these pages to show up in the Course Navigation.


Problem: We tried adding the page to a BluePrint and using the Redirect Tool to add them to the Course Navigation. We ran into issues with using the Redirect Tool because the tool uses a static URL; in each of the synced courses, the Course Navigation link tried to take the users to the BluePrint course instead of the page within the synced course.


I'm wondering if anyone has successfully added custom links to Course Navigation of BluePrint courses like this?