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How do I make a LTI External Tool link on a Page open in a new window?

Question asked by Julie Cavender on May 29, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by James Jones

We have an External Tool from one of our vendors configured in Canvas. In trying to use the "embed URL" function of this tool in Pages, I can't figure out the correct post parameters to input so the link will open in a new window/tab instead of the Canvas iframe (see screenshot below).


Any suggestions on what post parameters to use which would allow this to happen? I've tried the following:







Since I can use the tool in Modules, I used the External Tool to embed a URL there and looked at the parameters being sent (based on what I read here: I tried those in Pages, but the URL will only open within Canvas iframe. This is not a user-friendly view for students.


I'm not a developer, so what am I missing here? Please and thank you!Image of LTI tool to embed URL