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Running Scripts in Canvas

Question asked by Jonathan Yoder on May 31, 2019
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I actually had a student who is a current HS junior, a club officer for our NJROTC,  ask a question that made me feel less than intelligent! He is the 'Teacher' role for the ROTC default course and wanted to know if you could run a script so that when he creates a module it would send a text field out to the club officers as an announcement. He is into coding and I wondered if there was capability with APIs that is just beyond my current comprehension.. I was hoping James Jones might be able to chime in!


I thought perhaps he could just make an officer group/section in the course and put an announcement out to just them one he created a module to let them know he was going to publish it so they could help spread the word to their platoons.


But I thought I'd ask since it would be cool if he could practice coding within Canvas. Maybe he could teach me!