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Student email notification not working?

Question asked by Ian Dela Cruz on May 31, 2019
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Hi everyone! I'm working with the API to enrol students but the students never get emails on user creation and course enrollment.


Here's the APIs I use and the data passed to them:


API: POST /v1/accounts/{account_id}/users

const data = {
    "user[name]": name,
    "pseudonym[unique_id]": email,
    "pseudonym[sis_user_id]": email,
    "pseudonym[send_confirmation]": true


API: POST /v1/courses/{course_id}/enrollments

const data = {
    "enrollment[user_id]": userId,
    "enrollment[type]": "StudentEnrollment",
    "enrollment[enrollment_state]": "active",
    "enrollment[notify]": "true",
    "enrollment[limit_privileges_to_course_section]": "true"


Note that I'm on test environment. Please help!