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How do I assign different due dates for different class sections on a quiz?

Question asked by John P Mullen on Aug 23, 2015
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I have two sections combined into a single course. One is on campus and the other is a distance section which views recorded videos of the class about a day later. I have a series of quizzes which are keyed to the lectures in the face-to-face course. I can assign those quizzes to the students in the face-to-face section. I also want to assign the same quizzes with later dates to the distance section. I can do this by making a copy of the original quiz, then assign it to the online section with different dates.


I have the questions in a bank, but I still have to manually add in quiz instructions, settings, etc., which takes a bit of time and opens the risk of making an error. Is there any way to:


Either assign the same quiz to different sections with different due dates, or


Quickly make a copy of a quiz that I can edit for the new dates?




John Mullen


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