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Migrating and publishing without student email notification

Question asked by Ethan Contini-Field on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by Kathi Cliff

I am about to migrate a Canvas Course from a "Sandbox" to a live course that has students already registered. Almost all of my course content is in modules; everything else is published and ready to be viewed by students. I have set every module to be locked until its designated week of release. However, I may yet be making changes to the pages in the currently-locked (future) modules, and I may add quizzes to those locked modules as well.


My default preference is to publish pages but keep them locked, because the error message that student receive is friendlier, and I don't care if students see the title of the page or the sequence of pages in the module. But I've been told that when you publish material in a live course, students receive email notifications. I don't want them to get an email about a quiz that they won't be able to take for two more months. So my questions are:


* When I migrate hundreds of pages and quizzes that are "published" but locked down, will students receive an email notification that a new page/quiz has been published, even though it will be locked until October?

* Likewise, if I later add a new quiz or other element to a locked module in the live course, will student receive an email notification about it?