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Need to delete student - Questions

Question asked by Kate Burkes on Jun 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2019 by James Jones

We have a student who was dropped from a course, which deactivated her in the class.  We have SIS enrollment files running every two hours, so even tho I restored her access, she gets kicked out again every time the file runs. 


I should add here that I am the system admin for our Canvas instance, so I have all permissions possible.


I am thinking to delete her from the course, then add her back manually.  My understanding is that manual enrollments trump SIS enrollments, so she should not be kicked out again when the enrollment file runs.


What I cannot recall is if the student will be re-united with the work she has already done in the class, her grades, etc.  I assume so, since it would be the same exact user ID.  And I think I remember reading that somewhere.  But.... still not sure I want to risk it without someone confirming it.


Anyone know?  Thanks.