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Course/Enrollment status via the API

Question asked by Jason Howard on Jun 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by James Jones

Using the REST API we have integrated with Canvas from a website and successfully created canvas students based on the user data from the website and enrolled them on a course.


The website currently integrates with another LMS course provider and as part of that integration we report on the students progress within the website back-end so the website admins do not have to switch between both systems. I am able to retrieve some data for each student such as the total study time and the last study date but I am struggling to find out how to get the following data from the Canvas REST API to hopefully match the data we could get from the other LMS provider:


1. Is there such a thing as the first study date i.e. the date a student first started the course. We can use the enrollment create date but that may not be the exact date / time that a person actually started the course.

2. We would also like to report on the status of a students progression through the course ideally having the following statuses:

  Not Started: Enrolled but not started the course

  In Progress: Once the student starts the course

  Failed: Failed the course

  Passed: Passed the course

For these status I wondered if there was an overall status indicator recorded against the enrollment record but I could not see anything obvious in the API docs or could anybody recommend a way we could derive the status from the data in the API.


I am pretty new to the API and Canvas so if I can provide any other information please do let me know.