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Quizzes:question groups, differential scoring, previewing with marking

Question asked by Steve Bennett on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by Lucas Moreira

keywords: Quizzes - differential scoring within question group - previewing with marking also


Hi all


I have created a question group and set it to score 1 per question - however, I thought that putting a different value within the question itself would override the "global" setting - but it doesn't (at least when viewed through the preview).  So how do I set differential scores for individual questions?


Secondly - I'd like to be able to take the quiz and get it marked before actually publishing it - i.e be in preview mode but able to see how it is marked.  How do I do that?


Thirdly - in the question group, at the top it asks me to present x number of questions from the group - is there no way of just choosing "ALL" - it seems every time I add a question to a question group - I need to update the number of questions I want to be presented from it.


Steve Bennett