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Canvas API Web Server Hosting Getting Started

Question asked by Larry Robertson on Jun 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2019 by David Lyons

Question 1

I am having trouble understanding where my Application's HTML, JavaScript and PHP files will actually live.  Does Canvas have a built-in Web Host that I could tie Dreamweaver to upload and download source files in the canvas domain or is it the Developers responsibility to provide the Web Hosting?


Currently I am using my own web site and the code is working great.

After reading several Getting Started documents and watching the Canvas provided Videos I have not come across any documentation that explains who is doing the hosting.


Question 2

If I want to create an application that only administrators would be allowed to run would I create the app in Gauge and authenticate via the client_id and client_secret ( or would I just support individual tokens created by each admin under their Account->Settings->New Access Token?