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How to access questions in a new quiz from other quizzes?

Question asked by Heather Kabat on Jun 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2019 by Brian Bennett

I have created a number of different quizzes for different courses.  While creating my final exam, I'd like to browse all those other questions to import, however they don't show up in a quiz answer bank.  The only few questions that show up when I search answer banks are the few questions that are 'unfiled'.  I do not know how some questions are grouped as unfiled, and how the rest of my questions are supposedly filed somewhere, but not visible when I search available answer banks. 


-How do I file already created questions into an answer bank so that I can pull sample questions from an answer bank into a new final exam I am creating? (assuming this is the 1st step).  Once they are visible in an answer bank I am sure I can figure out how to get them into my new test.

-DO I have to import quizzes from all of my courses into one course before I can view those questions from other courses, or is there any way I can just view all optional questions in a question bank from any course I happen to own and be in?