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Simple oauth harness - unable to obtain final access token

Question asked by Richard Standen on Jun 6, 2019
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I have built a very simple OAUTH connection to a canvas instance, but I'm not getting the expected response. Can someone spot where I have gone wrong?




A) Start at: 


B) The Oauth initial handshake works, and returns (as specified) back to


C) The PHP $_GET array looks like:

Array (     [code] => 846684a9818d06bf19b639f2f19f5bdbb50188e1440c9e897b7d3abb7250fede81043025b34b3c57a738c5ee111bc52b7f6d3c03a1f502b15b7b7911bc25afb6     [state] => CHECK_THIS )  D) A curl POST is then made to this URL:
&redirect_uri= (not the real secret)

E) The response returned is:  �  ]�KO�0 ����� �2 ,IPQ�ix�� �@�JyX^�L��n�ąws��s�{� �<'��M}C:� �;������* � 9 ȏ ���E��K?@��m i���1Am ���w2����!��� �� 0��@ �%� �����s ��aZ �p� B�ט wф�B �@��3f�&� ���2* )K�Ot! �s�6�2�4�I��X���t(�� �s�� �E�����,]�$�V� ����� u� �8�m� �>�_�0�>��*rF  �t�� `�|�>