Timothy Robicheaux

Does anyone integrate Google Forms into Canvas for the purposes of quizzes (i.e., a workaround for the Speedgrader problem).

Discussion created by Timothy Robicheaux on Jun 7, 2019

Hello all,


Does anyone have experience with Google Forms integrated into Canvas for writing exams and quizzes? The problems with the tediousness of grading essays with Canvas "Speed"grader are well documented here and on the ideas forums, and they aren't going to change any time soon. Google Forms, like Angel, Moodle, Blackboard, iSpring, Litmos, and other LMS allow you to have all of the answers to a given question on one page. 


I see that someone wrote a nice piece of how to integrate Forms onto Canvas, but what is unclear is if those responses are tied to a given student. I could ask the students to type their names, but I worry a bit about security and FERPA. I want forms to be open within Canvas rather than as a separate window. 


I am waiting to hear back from someone at my university. I was just wondering if anyone has tried this specifically for scored quizzes and how it worked for you.