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Needing help with "weighting" homework points synced with Pearson's REVEL platform.

Question asked by Bernadette O'Leary on Jun 8, 2019

I am using the Pearson REVEL platform for my course homework assignments and the total points for all quizzes = 1140 points.  This is far more that the 5 exams (375 points).  I was told by the Pearson rep that I could "weight" my REVEL assignments within Canvas.  The REVEL assignments are integrated with my Canvas course site/grade book so that when I "sync" periodically, Canvas will import REVEL student grade points into my Canvas grade book.  How can I "weight" just these assignments so that the total points earned does not equal 1140 points?  Can I set-up a "weight scheme" that applies to all of the synced assignments, or can I set-up a "weight scheme" for each assignment?  All of the assignments have different total possible points (which is why the 1140 is such a weird number to work with).