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Section for enrollment in Catalog changing the dates of previous enrollment sections

Question asked by Jaclyn Smith on Jun 11, 2019
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Hi everyone Catalog Users Group 


This is a very specific issue happening in my catalog that is currently being reported but I wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue. 


Here's an example because it's difficult to explain - 

Joe enrolls in a catalog listing under section 1, and the dates for that section are June 10- July 22. Joe can see these dates on his student dashboard and all is well. Joe begins his course on June 10. 


The admin (me) goes into catalog and updates the catalog listing to the next section for enrollment, section 2. The dates are June 24 - August 1. Joe (above) now sees section 2 dates on his student dashboard and can no longer access his course he once had access too until June 24. 


If Joe enrolled in section 1, his dates should always be section 1, they should update to section 2 because that's not what he enrolled in. 


This is also happening in our program listings. And it's changing the date for people who already enrolled in a catalog before they even start a course.


Is this happening to anyone else or does anyone have an explanation? I'm hoping this is a glitch because we operate on section dates and this has never happened before.