A Wish List

Discussion created by fernerj@erau.edu Expert on Jun 12, 2019
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I was recently asked if instructor audio and video submission comments are represented within Canvas Data.  This started me thinking about the future and what ideas I would enter on a top five or perhaps top ten wish list.  Not having ten items to wish for I am starting a discussion to see how many bright ideas we have for future improvements.


Here is the start of such a list:

  • More frequent table updates - perhaps every twelve hours?  
  • Rubric line scores.   For accreditation purposes we need to be able to easily determine how many students achieve each level of performance.  And we need to do this via Canvas Data (not via API).
  • Inclusion of audio and video commenting within the submission comments tables. An indication of an instructor recording being present would be helpful.
  • A roll up table of key fields from the requests table.  Something that shows actual page views minus the clutter of api calls, etc.


What improvement ideas do you have?