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Quizzes: Scrolling Glitch on Canvas

Question asked by Kavana Pennant on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by Kona Jones

This is completely frustrating and has caused me to receive incorrect answers on a few quizzes. When answering multiple choice questions, in order to select the proper answer one must click the corresponding bubble. This should be the only method of selecting answers. I have an HP Envy, touchscreen, so instead of manually using the scrollbar to the far right, i'll simply scroll down with a simple swipe of my finger. When scrolling past words within the question box, my answers get changed. The bubbles are on the left hand side, and i'm scrolling on the right hand side of the screen. Is this some form of glitch? I recently took a quiz, and got one question marked wrong due to this. Unfortunately, i've used my one and only attempt, and can't submit proof to my professor. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm using Google Chrome, and am using my HP Envy x360 that is only 1 years old. This is not a technical issue from my laptop, but more so an interface issue with Canvas.