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My Canvas has large icons! Help!

Question asked by Lu Fang on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2019 by Bobby Pedersen

Ever since my summer semester started, I have been experienced my canvas having large icons and it interrupts my coursework. 







I use Chrome and this is the version. 





Here are some methods I tried:


1. Firefox. It works half of the time. However, it appears to have the same issues. 

2. Clear browser history, cookies, and caches. Did not work.

3. Restart my computer. Did not work

4. Uninstall and install chrome. Did not work.


When I am on another computer, canvas acts normally. I assume some setting are wrong on my computer but I never experienced enlarge icons on any other websites I visited. Would anyone know how to fix this issue with canvas? 


I read  Stuart Ryan 's blog