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Combining sections and quickly assigning different due dates

Question asked by Nathan Powers on Jun 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2019 by Rick Murch-Shafer

I am the only instructor for a course that has 14 sections this Fall. I am considering using Canvas but I have some concerns that I couldn't find specific answers to. Here they are:


1. My institution creates course for each section. I read that you can combine ("Cross-list") sections but it also says that cross-listing courses that do not meet together in person is a potential FERPA violation. Each section of my course meets at a different time. Would that be a concern? Does adding all the students in a section to a group solve the problem? Can I have groups within groups? I have 600 students, adjusting the settings for each student individually is not an option.


2.  If I do cross-list the courses, I see that I can set different due dates for each section. My current LMS allows me to do that quickly. I just set a due date offset (number of hours offset from the previous main section) by section for all assignments. If I need to adjust due dates differently for a given assignment, I can do that as well. All of this is done in one place. From what I can tell, Canvas lets you set different due dates but you have to do it per each assignment. Is that correct? I have 14 sections and many assignments. Setting due dates for each section for each assignment would not be an option. Is there a good way to set due date offsets on Canvas?