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Which characters are allowed in multiple fill-in-the-blank?

Question asked by Katie Loughrist on Jun 14, 2019
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I have created a quiz using multiple fill-in-the-blanks. English language learners will listen to a short audio clip and then fill in the missing word they hear.


I noticed that I can not put a % symbol in the bracket. (I can, but it will not show up as a fill-in-the-blank; instead it will display the bracket and the answer to the student) I worked around that by writing [15percent]. The student is still able to answer with a % symbol, but I need to remember to not use it within the bracket. 


Now students say they are experiencing the same issue with other questions. I noticed that these questions all have a decimal in the bracket. For example: [1.9million] is not appearing as a fill-in-the-blank. I'm assuming it is the decimal that is the problem.


Am I correct in that assumption? Also, is there a comprehensive list somewhere that shows all the characters you're able to use within the brackets? That would save instructors a lot of time and headaches if they knew which characters would result in a broken question.  


Thank you for your help!

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