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Question asked by Michael Danza on Jun 18, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by Michael Danza

I use Camtasia 9.  I've made videos with embedded quizzes.  In the past I've used them in my Canvas courses without problem.  This semester all of my students are reporting problems.  I tried my videos and I had problems too.  The videos would not allow us to jump around.  If I click to minute 4 of the video the whole video would restart.  If I let the video play and answer the first quiz and then click continue -- sometimes-- it would jump back to the beginning of the video OR the last quiz in the video (without showing the video that preceded that part of the quiz for the student to be successful).  I called Camtasia to trouble shoot with them.  I've changed browsers to trouble shoot that.  I have found that older Microsoft browsers and newer ones like Edge exhibit the problem much LESS than Google Chrome which is the worst browser for this problem.   So now I'm trying to trouble shoot the problem with Canvas....


The fact that this happened during a summer semester is the worst.  I want to cancel my class.