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Increasing the iFrame size

Question asked by kit perez on Jun 18, 2019
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Hello everyone,


I would like to know if it is possible to increase or set the size of the iFrame which I am thinking of doing so, because the iFrame width is small on mobile devices (please see the image below when I view the app in chrome tools for Galaxy S5). There is not enough space for displaying a table with 8-10 columns. On the other hand, the rubric (please see the second image below), can display the whole rubric table because it is not bound by the iFrame size.


I have tried setting the selection_width and selection_height (I've tried different values) when adding the global external tool (, although it doesn't seem to work.


I was hoping to have a minimum of perhaps 800px for the width of the iframe so that I have more space in displaying the tables inside specially when the LTI application is viewed via mobile devices.


The iframe height also only takes half the size of the mobile height when I inspect it via chrome tools.


Any ideas on how I can sort of "zoom out" or increase the iFrame size, so that I can display more items?


Had to ask as it was hard for me to find the correct materials or references for having a minimum width for the LTI application I am working on.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions or recommendations.


Kind regards,




Iframe size width for samsung s5 is only 360px


Whole Rubric Can be displayed Because it is not bound by the iFrame