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Blueprint Additional Restrictions and Date Offset

Question asked by cesbrandt on Jun 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2019 by Robert Carroll

The situation is fairly simple: we have growing concerns regarding some content being deleted, unpublished, or moved to an ungraded gradebook category that skews any metrics we pull regarding activities. To mitigate this in the future, we are looking at converting our "Master shells" into blueprint courses. While this would prevent the deletion of activities, it does not appear to prevent unpublishing them or changing their gradebook categories. We also noticed an issue with dates.


Are any of these possible to address?


  1. Can we offset the dates of a blueprint course when copying/linking shells to match a new range, different from the actual blueprint shell, without having to go back through updating each date after the copy/link is done?

    When we link a new course to the blueprint, it copies the content but uses the date range of the blueprint shell, not the shell the content is being copied into. Our best idea for how to deal with this is to go back through after the link/copy is complete and adjust all the dates manually.

  2. Can we restrict the ability to publish/unpublish blueprint-locked content?
  3. Can we restrict the ability to change the gradebook category of blueprint-locked content?