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Content dripping different for each student

Question asked by Monica Lorenzo on Jun 24, 2019

On email marketing, I can set a rule in which I can create a workflow that you receive a new email let's say for example 3 days after you received the previous one.

And it is not important when you signed it, you get the content released from the beginning and step by step.

One user can be at email 12 and another user at email 1.

I'm building an online school that has no specific beginning date, each student must be able to enroll whenever they want and lessons must be released one every 3 days, no assignment needed.

And every student will be at a different level, depending on when they signed in.

It is possible to do that with Canvas?

I saw I can release a lesson at a specific date, but that is not what I need.

Maybe this video will explain the problem better:

Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software 


Thank you in advanced