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My Blueprint is Failing Me - Help

Question asked by Rona Tyger on Jun 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by Rona Tyger

Hi.  I am trying to design a Blueprint course that can accomplish the tasks listed.  I am piloting one this summer.  It is associated with about 18 courses.  It is failing.  I need to be able to:


Lock the Choice for Choose Course Home to Pages Front Page 

Lock the Course Home Page to a specific Front Page that I design.

-The Front Page has a button to redirect to a START HERE MODULE

Ensure that the START HERE MODULE cannot be unpublished.

Ensure that the START HERE MODULE, which has two required activities [a one question quiz and a file upload assignment] must be completed by all enrolled students before they can continue on to the instructor's modules/content.


The Start Here Module also helps us meet some of the QM standards.


My design did not work.  Instructors simply unpublished the Start Here Module, changed the front page, and the requirements my department has for students to take an online class are essentially avoided.


I am so frustrated.  I want the instructors to have a lot of autonomy AFTER these conditions are met.  I also want uniformity in our course home page.  


Please help. Kona Jones probably knows where I should go next.