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Module API not returning quiz items

Question asked by Jared Chapman on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by Stuart Ryan

I am having trouble with the module API, it has been working for years and this semester it broke


this query[]=items&include[]=content_details&student_id=1591656&access_token=*studentToken*&per_page=5000



will not return quizzes in the module items



but this one will.[]=items&include[]=content_details&access_token=*teacherToken*&per_page=5000



Does anything jump out at you that I am doing wrong? The queries have worked for years but suddenly this semester they don't.


The quizzes show up in the canvas modules interface for the student, but not the json string from the API


Did something change?


If I change the teacher token for the student token in the second call, it breaks it. It appears that the student token does not return quizzes.


The quizzes will show up if I use the student token to ask for the module items, but that will take a major rewrite to pull each module items individually and pull them in to the interface and students are using the system now.


Any help would be appreciated!