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Looking for a solution to present blending learning courses in Catalog. Any ideas?

Discussion created by Greg Lawrence on Jun 24, 2019
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The organisation I work for is nearing the launch of our online courses and events-based training on the Canvas Catalog.


One of the issues we have is how best to present our blending learning courses in Catalog. More specifically, how to set up a one-off enrolment into a course that provides access to pre-reading materials two weeks prior to a training event, the actual face-to-face training event followed by access to additional materials after the event.


One solution that has been recommended is to have a Catalog program listing with separate courses for the pre-reading, the actual event and access to complementary materials after the event. Another solution mentioned is the use of prerequisites and requirements within Canvas.


I am sure we are not the first organisation in the Canvas Community to have similar requirements with its online course offerings. With that in mind, I am keen to hear about your experiences and how you have used the capabilities in Catalog and Canvas to develop an effective solution.