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Does setting a default grade for an assignment remove that assignment from the student's to-do list?

Question asked by Tanya Hall on Jun 25, 2019
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I want to set the default grade for a set of quizzes to zero before they're due and have been graded. Will this remove the assignment from the student's to-do list? Are there any other surprising effects of setting the default grade to zero?


FWIW: I understand that:

  • setting the default won't affect the availability of the assignment.
  • the default grade does not count as an "attempt". 
  • the zero will be replaced when the student completes the quiz.
  • if I were to set all assignments for the course to display default zeros, students would always see a failing grade
    • (I'm not doing that. I'm doing it for an assignment group of related quizzes all due at the same time. I just don't want it to look like the assignment is complete, since that's how it looks given the students' default Grades view.)
  • students might be confused that their quizzes have zeros.
    • (I'll do something to clear that up)


These are all of the effects I can think of!



Related Question (an I-could-do-this-in-Blackboad-can-I-do-it-in-Canvas question):


I'm just getting started using Canvas, coming from Blackboard. The Blackboard Grade Center gives the instructor more choices when it comes to controlling the display of grades in the student view. As I understand it, the Blackboard "total" column = the Canvas assignment group. And one thing you can do for each Bb total column is choose whether it should display as a running grade or not. This means that I can have the final grade display as a running grade, but have a specific set of assignments (e.g., HW-1 = total for 4 quizzes) display as a current grade (which assumes zeros for incomplete work). I also liked having the choice to set some total columns to display as points, some as percentages, and some as grades. (And, on a slightly less related note, I really liked Bb's "Column Organization" view, and I wonder if there's anything like that in Canvas.)


Thanks! Tanya