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how do i delete and redo my welcome

Question asked by terin cygan on Jun 27, 2019
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how do I delete my welcome message in supply chain management -   terin cygan


the delete and edit dots on the side are not working




My last job was at a large stevedoring terminal in the Port of LA.
I worked there for 17+ years before being laided off as we were bought out by an investment company. 
During my career I worked in the Container Yard, the Marine Department, Gate Department, Consolidated Freight Station and in Client Services. Our terminal consisted of 392 acres with 14,000 to 19,000 containers in the yard at one time. We also completed an average of 15,000 vessel lifts a week. My favorite position was the Gate Manager. We processed over 3,000 truck transactions a day. I enjoyed the interaction with internal departments and external truckers and vendors.
My last 2 years at the terminal I was in Client Services. I supervised the Import, Customs and USDA departments.
I am taking this course to further my education, in order to broaden my skills, to be more marketable in today's job market.