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Default Modules to compact/closed status?

Question asked by Cynthia Webster on Aug 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by Susan Winter

Right now I have 10 different modules for my students to use within CANVAS.  When they log into the Modules page, all the modules are present, which is what I want them to see, but also all the documents/powerpoints within a specific module are displayed as the default view.  I'd like to see the modules compact (i.e. closed like a Windows folder is) until the student clicks on the specific module name.  Once clicked on, THEN all the documents within that module could populate the screen.


Now the only way to accomplish that is to go in manually and click on the little arrow next to the Module name to hide its documents within the module.  The modules don't stay closed like that when I publish the page for my students to browse.  They are all open as default.


Anyway to make this happen?  Default, closed until clicked on?  Makes it a cleaner, more streamlined page for students to view.