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Discussion created by Dustin Saalman on Jun 27, 2019
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When completing evaluations and observations of our faculty we do an audit of their course in Canvas and while we certainly pull qualitative information there are also some quantitative metrics we collect. For example, for our online courses there is a lot of emphasis put on the use of Discussions as a means of student engagement. So we look at things like number of threads created, number of replies to students posts, number of days in the week active in the discussions.

This was much simpler in our prior LMS as we could filter the responses of individual users and sort by date. We aren't able to do this in Canvas and as a result we end up skimming through the discussions and manually counting.

Does anyone know of an LTI that could help with this sort of activity in Canvas? Or of a way to tweak permissions for user types that would allow for this?