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SAML/SSO discrepancy Web vs Mobile Apps

Question asked by David Limer on Jun 27, 2019

Trying to troubleshoot this issue with Canvas Mobile Apps login


I have a Canvas Discovery URL page hosted on my server.  It has a link to a specific SAML login defined in canvas (.../login/saml/40). 

If I (in a web browser) go to the test canvas site I am presented with the Discovery page.  I click the link, am redirected to the Identity provider.  I provide credentials and am redirected into Canvas.  As it should be.


If I (on my iPhone XS) start any of the three Canvas iOS apps and put in the test url for my school, I see the SAME discovery page (as expected).  I click the same link, am redirected to the same Identity provider.  I provide the same credentials.  I get a response from the Canvas App that simply says .  SAML2:MessageMissing.


Canvas debugging shows a successful request and my identity provider logs show a successful authentication.

I'm kinda at a loss as to how to debug further.   I do have a different Identity provider (on the same platform ... Salesforce) that works fine on the apps and can find no difference in the setups.


appreciate any insight, esp. around the actually meaning of SAML2:MessageMissing.  I haven't turned up much on google.