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Limit to the number of users you can add via "Add People?"

Question asked by Andrew Carver on Jun 28, 2019

We have some use cases where a course's instructor needs to manually enroll students in a Canvas course via the "Add People" section (+ People button). In some cases, the number of students the instructor needs to enroll approaches 2000. I've tested out enrolling that many students via the "Add People" (+ People button) function in the Canvas UI, and I get an error.


Does anyone know what the limit is in terms of number of people you can add at one time via a comma-separated list (I used SIS IDs) in "Add People"?


In testing, it might effectively be around 2000, as when I add 2000 people or over 2000 people I get an error (screenshot below), but when I add 1999 people at one time, I get successful enrollments sometimes. This does not seem like reliable behavior.



Is this the error based on a timeout issue?

Thank you!