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Formatting like content tabs editable in the RCE for a post-Javascript Canvas?

Question asked by Tim Batiuk on Jun 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2019 by Robert Carroll

Hi all,


Our institution used Javascript content tabs to add some much-needed functionality to "starter pages" used in all courses (see below). However, in anticipation of global Javascript like this no longer functioning in Canvas, we're looking at other solutions that are accessible, effective use of screen space, and (importantly) editable in the RCE so that teachers can manage their own page content. The move to React for InstUI seems to strike out for the latter use case of being user-friendly for any teacher (as with the old JS content tabs, teachers simply changed text in the RCE and that'd be reflected in formatting).


Has anyone discovered any creative ways to display content on a screen like this that meets the basic criteria? Thanks!

JS Content Tabs in a Starter Page