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LTI 1.3 Configuration Claims, Course Placement & Privacy

Question asked by Timothy Summers on Jul 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2019 by Timothy Summers

I have a few questions about LTI 1.3 Developer Key setup.


User Identity Claims

It seems that some of the OpenId Connect Standard Claims are not being sent in launch messages. Although these claims are not Required, the LTI Specification says that they are expected in launch messages. These include:

  • given_name
  • family_name
  • name
  • email



I can acquire this information using Custom Fields with variable replacements ($, $, $, and $ but I wonder if that means they will always be sent even if Launch Privacy is set to "Private"


Launch Privacy

I can set the Launch Privacy upon initial creation of an LTI Developer Key, but if I go back to edit the key, I can no longer access this setting. Is this a known issue that will be addressed in an upcoming release?


Course Navigation "Default Show" setting

For course navigation placements we used to be able to change a "Default Show" setting, which allowed us to hide course navigation placements by default, allowing teachers to decide if they wanted to see the item in their course. Is there a way to change this either through Manual Entry or Pasted JSON? This is an important feature because our faculty don't necessarily want to see external tools that they are not using in a course.


"Can update public jwk for LTI services." setting

Is there any documentation on how this works?