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Mastery Path and Badgr

Discussion created by Wan Fareed on Jul 4, 2019
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Hi Community,


I am seeking help about mastery path and Badgr. Please see screenshots below. Learners will start with pre course activity. Then they will do a quiz, which is the trigger for mastery path. There are 3 mastery paths set out in different modules, i.e. Flipped Classroom, PBL and H5P (H5P is truncated in the screenshot). At the end of each module, they will get a badge.


Q1: When learners start the course, they will participate in the pre course activity and the do the quiz. At this juncture, they will not see the content of the mastery paths. However, they will still see the module header for all 3 modules (screenshot 2). Is there a way to hide the headers until learners are routed to the module? For this example, I think it fine for learners to see. However if I am going to differentiate the learning via ability (i.e Low, Mid High), I do not wish for learners to see that they are routed to the lower ability. All they need to do is to complete the series of activities.


Q2: In this example, learners will be awarded different badge for each module. Just like the case above (screenshot 2), when they enter the course, they will see the module headers and the 'Claim your badge'. Is it possible to hide this until learners are routed to the module?


Screenshot 1 (Instructor's view)


Screenshot (Learner's view)