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Why can't I upload/view files/images in the Rich Text editor after data restore and db:migrate?

Question asked by Gareth Cosens on Jul 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2019 by Robert Carroll

OK, so built a brand new canvas instance and all is well. Image upload, course copy tested successfully.

Restore files into /var/canvas/tmp/

Restore postgres data from an earlier version and run db:migrate

Instance and courses are all fine EXCEPT I cannot see/choose/upload files using the tabs in the rich content editor.

I can view the images and files from the files menu and listings, just not in the RCE

I cannot choose the folder to upload the files to either - 'course files' doesn't appear. The drop-down list is empty.

Also Flickr search does not return any results but this could be unrelated.


What do I need to do? Could it simply be a permissions thing or am I looking at a DB incompatibility?


postgres 9.5.12 > 10.9