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What's a normal route to deploy apps that require API access?

Question asked by Matthew Byrd on Jul 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2019 by Sam Malcolm

   I've been working on a project that relies quite heavily on read privileges from the Canvas API. It's a website, so it can't simply ask for an API token, as that's against the canvas terms of service; so it has to use oauth2. I would like to get in contact with admins of canvas deployments to see if any would be interested in issuing a developer key to my project, but I don't actually know who to get in contact with or if there's any sort of established procedure for this. For example, is there an app-store-esque location in a similar guise to the LTI app store for apps requiring developer keys? Is there typically a team-member who handles this on canvas deployments or some sort of integration manager? If so, is their contact information listed publicly typically, or do I have to just contact someone and see if they can get me in contact with the right person?