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Canvas in K-5 !?!

Discussion created by Olena Bradford on Jul 6, 2019
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How do you feel about using Canvas in elementary?


 I was using Google classroom on the daily basics. I liked it. My 3rd graders liked it... But.. I still wasn't satisfied . I was looking for something that will help me to teach effectively in the diverce classroom. How to meet the needs of each student where they are at for an English Learner, Special Ed. and Gifted students as well? 


One day I went on the professional training and heard about Canvas. That was class "Canvas in Elementary" (from UEN). That day has changed a lot in my teaching and tranformed my classroom. 


I use Canvas to empower, engage, assess and support my students in variety of ways creating meaningful and memorable learning experience for all students. Besides, I use Canvas pages as my lesson plans including the learning objectives, sets of differentiated activities, and assessments . I  am able to design lessons that benefit each of my student.


By using Canvas I meet my students on least three  different levels of instructions: Whole class rotation (on project based learning), Small group rotation (targeting the misconceptions, re-teach and scaffolding up), and individual Self-Paced learning using Quizez and Quizzez.Next based on Mastery Pathes.


Canvas Discussions benefit ESL, Special Ed. and  shy students, who are not feeling comfortable speaking on from of large audience. However, they enjoy creating the Video and Audio responces which helps them later  in face-to-face discussion.I use Canvas Discussions as a tool to activate students' background knowelege, as an attention grabber to introduce a new topic or a concept, and as a self-assessment, or quick exit-ticket.


I really believe that using Canvas in Elementary will transform your  classroom, help students to think critically and deepen their understanding of a learning content.


Follow the link to watch the video from my classroom: UEN PDTV: Canvas in Elementary Schools - YouTube 

Sighlent screencast of some Elementary Canvas classes Requires Password 

Password: canvas


Also, I've explaind how to use tree-tabs page on Canvas and Edpuzzle Videos to set up a differentiated assessment/assignment for students Canvas in Elementary