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Discussion: Paper trail for deletion

Question asked by Sarah Canatsey on Jul 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2019 by Kelley L. Meeusen

I have a faculty who is looking for a way to either hide a student post, or be able to retrieve a deleted post. The reason for removing the post include plagiarism, wrong prompt, or inappropriate. The issue is they still want to be able to reference the post later if it’s needed for a grade complaint. Right now they are just making screenshots, but this isn’t a very efficient way to keep a paper trail.


They tried the “view deleted posts” and it only showed their posts, and not the student posts they deleted.


They would like to just “hide” the specific post from view, but not necessarily delete it. Is this possible currently? Or is there a request for a similar feature already up for voting? I didn’t see anything in the search I did. 


Thank you!