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How to convert courses from created by sis to manually created

Question asked by Jozef Tilburg University on Jul 11, 2019
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Besides accounts populated by an automatic sis interface, we have sub-accounts where real manually created courses are mixed with courses created by sis import. We want all courses in these mixed accounts to be able to use self-enrolment, however we have set at 'Self-enrolment possible for manually created courses' (and like to keep it that way).


How do I accomplish this, other than copying the course by hand.


1. Is there a way to convert a course from created_by_sis to manually created? (meaning: to set the 'created_by_sis' field from TRUE to FALSE), at first glance I don't see this as a sis import option.



2. If it's possible, can this be done in bulk?


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