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How to use OAuth to get access to the Rest API?

Question asked by Fabio Cunha on Jul 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by William Diehl

I recently created a PHP page that accesses the Rest API from Canvas for my institution.


It works perfectly, but the token that I use is created by "Manual Token Generation", this is for testing application before implement OAuth.


Now, this is the time to implement OAuth to get access to the Rest API.


But I don't know how to get an OAuth token to access the Canvas Rest API.


I check the get request to get an OAuth token in Canvas documentation




In the Canvas documentation page:


the client id is defined as: "The client id for your registered application."


I register an LTI app using the External Tool and pass the string 12345 as "Chave do cliente" (My Canvas installation is in Brazilian Portuguese)


Is the client_id is the "Chave do Cliente"(Client key I suppose)?


What exactly is the client_id?


Any help will be appreciated.