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elusive Canvas assessment_question_bank_id

Question asked by Rainer Mueller on Jul 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2019 by Rainer Mueller

I am trying to use the API to create a question group in a quiz which picks questions from one of the many question banks that exist in my course.  The API says I can specify "The id of the assessment question bank to pull questions from", but I do not know how to have my program determine the ID of the question bank I want to use. I know the name of the question bank and  by looking at the XML of the exported quiz I know the <sourcebank_ref>g950c49cea8cf545555722ed05a8c3f4dc</sourcebank_ref>.  However, the assessment_question_bank_id is an integer and the sourcebank_ref is not, so that can't be it.