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For "Media Comments," how do I minimize media interface?

Question asked by Michael Maguire on Jul 12, 2019
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I'm so close to processing dozens of grades in a more efficient way by attempting to use "Media Comments" to accompany grades.  I've been delaying my use of this because of hardware (on my end), but resolved that and I'm ready to go.  However, the media interface that appears when I'm recording audio cannot be minimized in Canvas.


Really?  Do I have that right?  I can move the "Record/Upload Media Comment" interface box within the Canvas window only, but I am unable to minimize it.  This is pretty inefficient - and seems like a fairly basic 21st Century technology function - as what remains for my review of student-submitted assignments is a darker, grayscale display that I need to continue moving the "Record/Upload Media Comment" box in order to see the student submission.  While I thought it may have been browser-related, no dice....Chrome, IE, Firefox....same's Canvas.


Thanks for letting me know if I'm missing something.