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Canvas Studio Video Quiz Questions

Question asked by on Jul 13, 2019
Latest reply on May 7, 2020 by Brittany Usman


I am new to (but was interested in) using embedded quizzes from Studio in Canvas.   In beginning to set up the quizzes, a couple of questions have come up that I have not been able to find the answers to so far.  They are:


1.  Suppose I create a video quiz using the available function in Studio.  Once I complete this and embed it in Canvas as an assignment, can I limit the number of times a student can take the video quiz?  That is, I'd prefer students not have unlimited opportunities to rewatch the videos and retake the quizzes.  In my self-testing it appears that the default is to allow unlimited retakes.  

2.  When a student takes an embedded video quiz in Canvas that was created in Studio, is there a way to prevent the student from seeing his or her results until the assignment period is over (in a manner similar to the way in which you can limit access to quiz results using Quizzes in Canvas)?  It appears to me that the default with the video quizzes created with Studio is for the student to be able to immediately see the results, which include immediate feedback on the correct answers.  I would prefer that if the student were going to get multiple attempts, that he or she has to go back and re-watch the relevant section of the video lecture.  


If anyone knows or can point me to the answers to these questions it would be appreciated.  Thanks!