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Can I change the "Quiz Instructions"?

Question asked by Kelly Challand on Jul 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2019 by James Jones

I use quizzes a lot for regular everyday assignments. It works well for regular handouts as a digital assignment and saves paper. For example, I can give questions for students to answer in the essay format or I can take normal handouts and have students choose the correct answer out of a list. 


Often times my students will ask why I have so many quizzes and I tell them it is simply the format I use. Students get confused with the word quiz. 


My question is: Is there any way to change the title of an assignment in a quiz to something else so students don't always think it is another quiz? For example, in Canvas it comes up "Quiz instructions" which I think is what confuses students. I would like to be able to change it to something like just "instructions" or "assignment instructions."